The best portable charcoal grill is invariably found in vertical charcoal smokers. And when you get the best you can be sure that you are getting the best deal for your money. With the price tag that many have come to expect on high end grills, it’s no wonder that more people have been looking at grilling with charcoal. Charcoal has become increasingly popular because it’s so easy to use and maintain. In this article we will look at how to use a vertical charcoal grill.

The best portable charcoal grill I’ve seen is the dynahrome grills that have a stainless steel construction and come with a non-stick cooking surface. Coupled with the temperature control capability, this grill has all the features of a full size model. Packaging a hefty 7wagen of cooking space, the dynahrome 3600 vertical charcoal smoker is an uncommon example of a mid-priced grill/smoker that offers exceptional value. While this grill is not especially common for gas/electric style grills, it is rare to find a grill that offers this much value for such a low price.

This model of smoker includes a built-in thermometer and lid lock for safety as well as multiple cooking modes which include regular, silver, and red flame. As this is a water smoker, several accessories are available. One of these is the water smoker bowl, which allows you to pour water into the basin at the bottom of the unit. You can then place coals on top of the water tray and smoke any number of specialty meats including chicken, beef, steak, fish, veggies, and fruit. In addition to being a great way to cook meats, you can also smoke berries, fruits, and even desserts. The built-in thermometer allows you to monitor the internal temperatures of food.

Available in a variety of wood finishes, the charcoal water smokers have a non-stick cooking surface and a deep access door. The grills are available in either black or stainless steel and have a cast iron cover with a waterproof grill cover and powder coat finish. There are single charcoal grills and dual charcoal grills, as well as those equipped with two or more grills. The single model has a standard cast iron cover, but the double models have a steel access door and a custom wood fired door with a powder coating finish.

Constructed from heavy duty aluminum, these smokers are constructed with powder coatings and are available in three-piece sets. A separate cooking chamber, complete with a spacious cooking tray, two adjustable burners, and even a non-stick drawer for storage purposes, complete the package. On the exterior, there is a large trademark logo etched into the front of the unit. The grates are designed to accept charcoal, but other types of charcoal, smoke stones, and discs can be used in place of the charcoal.

Utilizing the built-in thermometer, you can monitor the inner temperature of the meat by placing the index finger of your left hand inside the access door and touching the side where the side of the grill meets the “flank”. The index finger fits perfectly into the side of the water bowl. When you place your hand inside the access door, the grates come up just above your index finger. When you place your hand outside of the water bowl, the grates fall downward and touch the stainless steel sides of the cooking chamber. You should be able to feel the internal temperatures as indicated on the onboard computer.

The two-piece set includes two grates and a stainless steel water pan that sit atop the adjustable stainless steel deck. The grates and water pan assembly should be placed onto the bottom cooking surface and secured with stainless bolts. The two pieces of the unit, including the meat thermometer, should then be attached to the smoker after securing the assembled units with the stainless bolts. The custom wood chips set includes a wood chipper attachment which cuts and crushes the wood chips into slivers just before the smoker is inserted into the vertical firebox.

The custom wood chips set comes with a lid with an access door that allows you to smoke multiple items at once. This design is convenient when working with numerous items. You can place several pieces of meat into the lid at the same time without forgetting to close the access door. The lid also provides an added level of temperature control, since it prevents the grate from raising above the food level. This makes smoking and cleanup much easier. Vertical smokers are easy to use and affordable when compared to commercial grade smokers.